Patio Enclosures

A Patio Enclosure is an aluminum structure intended to create a comfortable outdoor living area.

Why Choose Us For Your Patio Enclosure

Does your patio need some insulation? Is it drafty and uncomfortable at night, or do you just want to be able enjoy spending time outside more often in warm weather with friends and family members who are visiting from out of town a quality aluminum enclosure can help solve these problems while also providing protection against harsh winter cold fronts!  (Operations prepare early).

Southland Screens LLC is a full-service patio enclosure company serving homeowners in the Houston area. We specialize in quality patio enclosures,screened patios, and more. Call Today! 281.317.6651

Custom Inground Swimming Pool Enclosures

What Are The Benefits Of A Patio Enclosure?

Patio Enclosures are a great addition to a home that can be used for entertainment, outdoor cooking, enjoying a football game on your flat screen, or enjoying just being outside without worrying about the rain or heat.

A Patio Enclosure provides instant shade and protection from the sun and rain. A Patio Enclosure can cool off your patio area and can help reduce your energy bills.

All of our Patio Enclosures are built out of aluminum making them a maintenance-free enclosures that will not rust, rot, or warp like traditional wood and steel covers. All patio covers are designed and engineered to meet 140 MPH winds.

Patio Enclosures are great for parties and offer a number of benefits. They can be used to protect your property from rain, and sun damage. You may also want one if you have children who love playing outside but need supervision at all times – just set up some toys while they enjoy their time under lock-and-key.

Patio Enclosure Colors

Our Patio Enclosures come in a variety of colors. Options include “White” and “Ivory”, with trim colors that can be “Dark Bronze”, “White”, “Ivory”, “Spanish Brown” or “Adobe”.

Dark Bronze


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