What is a Swimming Pool Enclosure?

A pool enclosure is a custom screened aluminum structure that is designed and constructed to span over a pool. Pool Enclosures can be attached to a  house or building or freestanding. All materials used to build a pool enclosure are custom measured, cut, and fit for each individual project.

What are the benefits of a pool enclosure?

The main purpose of a screened pool enclosure is the protect the pool area from leaves and debris, as well as pest control without the use of harmful chemicals.

Additional benefits of the enclosure are reduced pool temperature, fewer maintenance costs for the pool, and ensures protection for kids from entering the pool area unattended. The pool enclosure is a great addition for people who are looking to create a beautiful, comfortable, and enclosed backyard living area for entertaining guests without jeopardizing the views or the cool summer breeze.

Pool Enclosure Colors

Our all-aluminum pool enclosures come in 2 colors, “Dark Bronze” and “White”.

Dark Bronze


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