Screen Wall

A screen wall is a custom aluminum screened structure that encloses a patio or porch area. A screen wall is framed and attached to an existing permanent structure.

Standard Screen Wall

A standard screen wall is framed entirely of aluminum with fixed screens. It is a stationary structure that is custom measured, cut, and installed to fit perfectly into an existing opening on a patio. It can be attached to any exterior material such as wood, Hardie, brick, concrete, stone, stucco, pillars, and vinyl. 

Additional features that can be added to a standard screen wall are:

? Pickets- Pickets can be installed to match an existing handrail, or to create an entirely new handrail. It will provide additional protection to an elevated patio area, and meets all IRC codes for second and third story structures. They are installed on 5” centers.

? Kickplate panels- Kickplates are often installed below the chair rail for people who have landscaping that could enter their patio area from hard rain. This is often mud splatter that can seep through traditional screen. It can also add protection from weedeaters which can potentially tear screen. It is also often added behind outdoor grills to prevent heat and smoke damage to the screens.

? Dura-Tex Panels- Dura-tex is an insulated panel that offers the same advantages as the kickplate. However, it is a much more durable product.

? Dog Doors- Sizes range from small to extra large, and can be installed to a new screen wall or into a pre-existing screen wall.

? 4 Track sliders- Offer the ability to slide all doors to one side creating a large opening, or remove all of the doors to have a completely open wall.

? French Doors- A double door that can function as a single door, or can be opened as a double door to create a 6 foot wide opening.

Custom Inground Swimming Pool Enclosures

What Are The Benefits Of A Screen Wall?

A screen wall helps keep a patio area free of leaves, debris, and bugs year round. It creates a clean and comfortable outdoor space for entertaining guests, enjoying family time, grilling, drinking coffee in the morning, etc., without the hassle of insects and debris.

Screen Wall Colors

Our all-aluminum Screen Walls come in 2 colors, “Dark Bronze” and “White”.

Dark Bronze


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